Re: Dropbox interfering with NVDA when reading excel files


To be honest, the only solution I know is expanddrive.

I should note I have not tried this but it is supposed from what I read to be able to run everything as if you used a standard drive without a client.

It is 70 us dollars, but am not sure about its access.

To be honest I would always run any files to modify outside of a cloud location, partly because of my old school nature.

Incidently its why I like local accounts vs microsoft accounts, the run box and command line, and entering commands rather than always clicking icons.

I know a lot of this has no real basis, but on my own personal system I like things to just work and with all the security issues online 1 less possible issue is better but its just me.

On 14/01/2020 12:24 pm, Robert Kingett wrote:

It's happened to me so many times with excel and Word documents I moved all of my documents over to OneDrive. Now, the only things I have in my DropBox are shared folders and my portable apps like Thunderbird and Miranda NG and stuff. It's become such an annoyance I moved, for now, but have been trying to find an accessibility email to DropBox. No such luck, yet.

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