Re: Excel and VBa 2010 Questions

Chris Mullins

Hi Pele
I use Excel 2007 under Windows 10 and I get the same issue regarding
editing VBA macro code. NVDA totally loses track and I usually end up
copying the whole module into Notepad, coding there, then replacing
the module code an debugging. It's a long standing issue which I've
posted on the list in the past bbut the issue has not been replicated
by other list members, so nothing has ever been done about it. Your
post is the first time i've seen anything on the list regarding this
issue other than my own posts. Sorry I can't offer a solution.


On 14/01/2020, Pele West <> wrote:
Hi Again

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

1. I am using a Dell desktop PC.

2. I am running Windows 7.

3. I am running the beta version of NVDA 2019.3.

4. I am using MSoffice 2010.

Pressing <Control Tab> to switch between modules sometimes works.

If I press <Control-F> to find the code and then arrow up and down it is
not always visible, although it is there, as I have just found it with

I wonder if this is a highlighting issue.

I have another NVDA Excel question: is there a way to stop NVDA speaking
and displaying messages like "Cropped" and "Overflow"?


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