Re: Tree View Lost in the Forest.

Kevin Cussick

Hi, I am not going to be of to much help really, but I have 2 of said radio's and seem to remember that the Cps software was not very accessible using nvda. I just get a mate to program the radio up. don't really like the handset.

On 14/01/2020 23:05, Martin McCormick wrote:
"Brian Vogel" <> writes:

Having the program name, and a download link if it's freeware, would be
most helpful for any assistant. One generally has to play with the
actual software to determine anything meaningful when it's odd stuff such
as this.
Certainly. Here is a link which will lead you to a zip archiv.
This is not a particularly dangerous zip file but unpack it
somewhere you feel comfortable with it.
It will produce two directories, one with firmware in
it's name and the other with program in it's name.
We're interested in the program directory.
You must run the setup and it will install gd-77S which
is the program.
Always be careful with this kind of software, but unless you have
a radio connected to one of your usb ports, it's not likely to do
anything bad.
I got the same screens when the radio was not connected
so you don't need it to play with the program.
Thanks very much.
Martin WB5AGZ

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