Re: State of the NvDA Remote add-on: NV Access sent patches to add-on authors


hi joseph.
thanks so much for your great news!
i believe for both of remaining nvda remote as addon and integrating
remote to the nvda core.
some people like me, maybe dont and cant update there nvda, so they
need one addon for remote needs.

On 1/15/20, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hello NVDA users, especially NVDA Remote add-on fans:

For the last few months, many of you were wondering about what's going on
with NVDA Remote add-on, which isn't compatible with upcoming NVDA 2019.3.
I'm delighted to announce that something is indeed happening with the
add-on. According to Reef Turner, an NV Access staff and NVDA developer, NV
Access people just sent a series of patches to Remote add-on developers to
make the add-on ready for NVDA 2019.3.

Stay tuned for updates on this front.



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