Re: Oovoo


Myabe accessibility has been improved since I try the software. But for me it doesn't work with wll with NVDA and JFW. Works OK on iOS any way.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 2016 07 31 at 01:17 Ame wrote:
Hi guys!

Got a question. I like Skype but, lately, I’ve been getting a
considerable number of dropped calls and fuzzy connections. We’ve had
quite a bit of stormy weather lately but, even on a good day, drops and
bad connections happen more than they used to. I was checking on
alternatives to Skype and found Oovoo. It sounds promising but how well
does it work with NVDA? Has anybody ever created an Addon for it? I
did see an audio boom entry from a blind woman who uses it on her Iphone
but I wanna do it on my pc and my Galaxy S6. Oh yes, I also heard
Oovoo’s sound quality is superior to skype. Hmm. Anyway, I’d
appreciate any tips, including more stable preferably free alternatives
to skype, anybody can give me. Thanks so much.


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