Re: State of the NvDA Remote add-on: NV Access sent patches to add-on authors

hurrikennyandopo ...


Out of curiosity most installs of jaws I have seen are not on a huge network There might be lone machines I mean only a copy on one pc  out of all of them on a network.

If so have they got it so the remote add on will not work on a huge network or some how have it disabled.

I mean as in there version of the addon tandam.

Or are they happy to let the person use a tandam remote part of jaws?

The reason I ask this is here in new Zealand the 3 large networks which are library networks have nvda installed on all of there computers.

The APN K network 750 computers.Christ church libraries 390 computers

Auckland libraries 600 computers all with nvda on them.

So I would be guessing they would have to lock down the remote add on some how if it was installed into nvda you would say for security purposes.

I know if nvda is not running then it does not matter.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

home use etc does not matter but a large network might and might be one of the questions from them to know how to do it if part of NVDA.

Gene nz

On 15/01/2020 2:02 pm, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Agreed. I still don't understand why it is not added to core. After all we have jaws tandem and no one complains about it. So why not nvda remote in nvda itself? This would be useful for us personal helpers too. I hear that feedback all the time on the phone, or on twitter etc.

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On 14 Jan 2020, at 16:35, Robert Kingett wrote:

This is the beauty of open source software. I only wish this could be added to the core without non profits and government people freaking out about it. I'm beyond happy this is an open source project. The add on, and the screen reader. I also, of course, understand why many see this add on as a possible security risk. While I don't think the same way, I can understand the need for high security assurance. Could multiple people from the NVDA community be in charge of that github page so they could review and merge changes if the developers become completely tired of it in the future?

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