Re: Elementary Question I'm afraid: How do I access the toolbars on screen with NVDA?



I wish to preempt the following with the following statement.

After my conduct on the windows list I am trying to be a little less abrupt.

I am not sure how important toolbars are currently.

I know that for a long time from windows 95 through to xp and even 7, toolbars had stuff on them that were found in menus and were conciddered by me and others as just clutter and you just turned them off.

I have however heard conflicting things that they actually may actually be usefull but never use them myself.

Most stuff is in a menu or ribbon or something.

Then again I have never found something that I have really needed a toolbar before.

I know there is a toolbars explorer addon and while I have had it installed I have yet to need a toolbar of any sort as such.

Saying that, I have tweaks to menuise as much of the windows shell as I can, and everything I use like thunderbird I never need to access a bar bar status.

With status itself in the traditional form changing, I am unsure how true it is for any bar in any program if its got a use  or not.

With a lot of things being web based especially with chromium type deals its probable we actually won't need a toolbar, at least not generally, I mean never say never but there are things we didn't need in the past, either through access or they didn't exist before and we got on without them.

For example I never needed to login with an account and can get round with an apps account, then again I don't use all services and whatever, however there are always different ways of accessing windows even if microsoft wants you to do something else.

Thats true of other companies to.

The same is with toolbars.

I have never needed to use one but it doesn't mean others may use them.

I havn't needed to care if a command exists or not, but I will hold off judgement on if we need one or not.

I have honestly never looked into that sort of thing and I most like never will unless it is something I frequently need.

On 15/01/2020 5:14 pm, Gene wrote:
We'll see what others say, but I am not aware of an NVDA command to access tool bars.  I vaguely seem to remember a JAWS command being available but I never used it and I haven't seen anything about it for a long time. 
Sometimes, f6 will move you from pane to pane in a Windows program and you can move to tool bars that way.  I suspect other times, you would have to use something like object navigation.  Others who know a lot more will, I expect provide information but this may give you things to try. 
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> Hi all,
> The subject line says it all. I apologise that this is probably an
> elementary question. I'm asking because I've only recently started using
> NVDA as my main Screenreader, and Jaws as secondary (only when I have to).
> Until recently I prioritised them the other way round.
> Thanks,
> Clive

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