Re: Elementary Question I'm afraid: How do I access the toolbars on screen with NVDA?

Mobeen Iqbal

Hi Clive.

It depends which program you're in, what toolbars are present and what you would like to do. For example, there is a scanning program that you cannot operate unless you access the toolbars as there is no menu bar. But word has toolbars that people seldom need. So the question is do you need to access the toolbars? if so, what program are you trying to access?



On 15/01/2020 00:37, Clive Lever wrote:

Hi all,


The subject line says it all. I apologise that this is probably an elementary question. I’m asking because I’ve only recently started using NVDA as my main Screenreader, and Jaws as secondary (only when I have to). Until recently I prioritised them the other way round.






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