Re: Alternatives to Excel


Hmmm firstly do you still have your old excell licence key or office licence key at all?

Do you have your office cd at all?

You probably can get that back, however be aware that office 2007 I think is about to be out of support.

I have used libre office on a cloud system and its worked well enough.

You can always buy another office, either a so called recycled key from ebay and take the risk that its fake, get into the office home program if working in a company I think its called home use, or simply buy office.

Right now, I  think you still can buy office versions 2013 and up and while 2019 the latest is best they still update 2016 regularly.

The support and updates on 2013 that I have on another system are getting less but still it can be done.

There is office 365 to subscribe to if you are looking to that point and if you  run the office program in windows you can get it.

I havn't used openoffice extensively enough to know if it or libre will work for your needs or not.

I have used libre as part of a home solution and it does for the most part seem to work well.

Office online may be another option for you, I am not sure how well that works.

On 16/01/2020 12:43 am, Chris Mullins wrote:
A hard disk crash has seen off my copy of Excel 2007 so I'm looking
for an alternative amongst Open Office, Libra Office and Google. Are
there any NVDA users out there that could give me feedback regarding
the accessibility of these products and whether I could still access
my existing Excel format spreadsheets with any or all of them? Your
advice would be greatly appreciated.



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