Re: NVDA and express vpn

Mobeen Iqbal

I never use the bundled VPN apps as they can be rendered inaccessible with software updates. If you use windows built in VPN client or open VPN which most if not all VPN's support these days, you will be fine as both approaches are accessible.



On 15/01/2020 15:25, Giles Turnbull wrote:
I used Express VPN for the year between September 2018 and 2019 while I was living in a uni hall of residence so wanted to minimise any potential wifi snooping.

I found Express VPN very hard to use with NVDA. I figured out which button to press to turn the VPN on (none of the buttons are spoken as anything other than "button") and I could hear the label next to the switch network .... but it never gave me any alternative VPN networks other than the one it was connected to ... maybe it did list other networks but didn't speak them ... whatever the reason Express VPN worked as far as connecting to one single VPN network, but nothing at all more than that.

I haven't tried using a VPN since the Express VPN experience, but do read any posts about them on here in case something easy to use does get suggested :)


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