a question about the new edge browser


Hi all.

On the subject of edge, it may come past in the next update pass.

It is supposed to be out today.

Usually updates come out between 5 am and 8 am new zealand time, equate that to your timezone.

There is a windowsupdate twitter and blog which will tell you to.

Currently if I search for edge I get a page which states thats its almost there.

I'm not going to push it if it doesn't.

Yes you can install edge stable yourself, and you can also just as quickly remove it.

I'd wait for the full system integrated  version myself.

There are a few pinned icons and links to word and other microsoft online things to manage when you do at least with the stable version.

Some of these I do not personally like.

It does seam that you will have to make sure you reset your internet brouser though after install as things became a little messed up after install when I did it.

It will be interesting what this eventually does.

For myself I do wander things like what chrome will do and the differences between it and chrome will truely be.

Most people in the house are chrome users and I am a waterfox user and this will not change that much as everything we have is up there.

I fully presume microsoft edge will only allow native connection to microsoft services but who knows.

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