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I suspect that efficient Internet navigation techniques would solve the problem.  My guess, and I haven't looked specifically, is that the word subject appears in every quoted message.  As I recall, the word subject is shown along with the subject line.  Thus, using the find command on the web page and searching for the word subject, you could jump from quoted message to quoted message. 
Did you see my message about the excerpt of my Internet tutorial I have made available?  This is just the kind of situation I attempt to prepare users for.  I stress, repeatedly, how using logic and inference can allow people to figure out ways to easily navigate web pages that have no predefined structures intended to help with navigation. 

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Well, of course if people send messages using email clients/email services, the quoted messages would be there, but if a feature could be implemented in where a user could choose to hide quoted messages. Or, at least should convert the subject of each messages in a thread when viewed online to heading levels, thereby making navigation easier as one could use the h key to jump to the next message without arrowing down through long quoted messages.

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