differences from chrome and edge



Hmmm from just using edge for a few minutes there is quite a difference betw them and chrome.

1.  it crashed nvda twice, first with uia in settings and when the brouser started the next time.

Of course chrome does not do this.

2. it doesn't support google cloud print, and needs you to use bing exclusively and microsoft services, I havn't found a way to change this so I may actually be able to change this.

3.  you need to use microsoft services.

If its chromium, I really think  that they should have allowed you to link google to microsoft and use both services like samsung seems to be able to.\

4.  its not chrome.

It feels unpollished, and rough as compaired to the chrome interface.

I am quite disapointed in this so called first stable.

There was so much hype on this that it really pushed my hopes through the roof.

I really, really hope that microsoft seriously means they will improve this.

For my prospective taking this for a test run, I could barely get the thing to run.

I wouldn't call this thing finnished.

In fact I would go as far as to say that this is just crappy old edge in chrome!

If microsoft thinks it can force this stuff on users, I'd be at least unhappy at this.

This interface wasn't what I was expecting.

I was expecting a streamed chrome style interface.

Oh they also use their own smart filter stuff to.

To my knowledge no one else bar them uses this at all.

I like what they have done with their data and privacy settings, but their customisation of what pages show up in new tab is a mess.

Firstly no one in their right mind want msn news, in fact no one wants 1 news site, maybe they can choose their news previder.

Actually why not have a standard uncluttered google type page with everything at your fingertips.

Google seems better results wise than their bing engine.

I have almost nothing good to say for this new brouser.

At least they kept the settings sort of in the right place

If and when it appears again, I may try to turn off ui automation flags and see if it will at least work without really falling over as I never really got a good chance to bug bash it.

If anything it is fast displaying latest news stories and the like and does try to emulate chrome.

The about page does not appear like chrome did though, in fact google chrome is safe if edge is like this.

I was really hoping for more.

At this stage work would be better spent trying to fix this for nvda 2019.3 rather than this old python2 version which will be gone in the next few months.

While it didn't change results, I had to reset where web addresses and such went manually because when opening them windows didn't know what they were.

After that everything worked.

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