Re: NVDA 2019.2 and the new Chromium Edge?


I manually got it today to see what it did.

Look at my rant below.

Its not finnished, from my prospective it looks like old edge, new engine.

Faster content, a settings tab with good security and tracking.

Terrible ui automation issues crashing nvda and other things, a clutterred interface, and well I got rid of it quickly.

I also had to reset my default brouser, it doesn't support google services like cloudprint, and seems to want you to use bing and microsoft's own services.

The last part was not a surprise but its really not the new edge I was hoping for.

Its newer engine means faster content but its worse than the old crappy version of edge.

Its super crappy edge.

I hold off saying thats what I would expect from microsoft since this is basically version 1.0, however if this continues I don't see myself actively using it.

At least not like this.

From what I saw that actually worked, it did look nice but I disliked a lot more than I actually liked in fact I loathed and hated it a lot.

I am no longer going to hurry to get it.

If it comes, I may configure it but I will not use it at all.

The only good news, it didn't link and office programs all over the system like a version I downloaded last week did.

At least thats something.

On 16/01/2020 6:19 am, Lisa P Geibel wrote:

Did anyone else get this today yet and if so, are you having any issues with reading anything on it? Tab seems to work, but no go with the arrow keys for us and we're also using Windows 10 version 1909. I didn't change anything in settings, but maybe I need to?


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