trying again with edge



After all I had learned with edge I was able to get it reinstalled and setup.

Using narator it was easy enough to not only set it up but make sure it wouldn't screw all my other system settings.

To be clear, chrome and waterfox are still what I would use.

I am interested in the web apps I must say so websites can be apps.

I was able to configure the security features to my liking and found them quite extensive.

I was able to remove all the online office apps from edge.

Saying that if you do need office and can use the online apps for it using this in edge may be enough for you.

One thing I did bar enabling location and notifications, microphone and camera, there were options for automatically playing content and languages.

I was also able to set things how I liked them.

So edge is now installed on the system in what I would called a setup configuration.

Lets hope it stays in its right place as just a needed install that microsoft wants me to have and doesn't force itself on me or do something stupid like that.

As far as I care which I don't, its just old edge with a new look.

All I want to do is set it up, and forget it.

Chrome still has a place and right now there is no way microsoft edge will beat it at all.

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