Re: Alternatives to Excel

Luke Davis

I used Open Office Calc (their version of Excel) for years with quite a bit of success with NVDA.

People say that LibreOffice is better now, and I can not comment on that since I haven't used it, but OOo was fine for my spreadsheet needs for a very long time.
I never had problems opening spreadsheets from other sources.

Without knowing more about how you use spreadsheets, it's hard to say whether what you want to do can be done accessibly, but the nice thing is that their both free, so you can play with each.

Because I needed better word processing, I bought a recycled office 2019 key early last year for around $25, but if spreadsheets were my only concern, I would have remained with OpenOffice.


On Wed, 15 Jan 2020, Chris Mullins wrote:

A hard disk crash has seen off my copy of Excel 2007 so I'm looking
for an alternative amongst Open Office, Libra Office and Google. Are
there any NVDA users out there that could give me feedback regarding
the accessibility of these products and whether I could still access
my existing Excel format spreadsheets with any or all of them? Your
advice would be greatly appreciated.

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