Re: Difficulty with PDF Document


I have not bothered with docuscan, however is it worth it I may check it out.

On 17/01/2020 5:51 pm, Sam Bushman wrote:
I use docuScan with nvda every day including the v3 beta 2 version and it works well for me.

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Andrea: DocuScan is self-voicing. Shut down NVDA before starting it.
ALT+CONTROL+D is the default shortcut to start DocuScan.

On 1/16/2020 9:44 PM, Andrea Sherry wrote:
A member on this list recommended Docuscanplus as a scanning program
some time ago.
Till recently this program worked perfectly.
However approx 6 weeks ago the program just said "Unknown" when I
opened it to access a document.
Are there any users of this program on this list?
Has anyone had this experience?
If this is not the correct place to ask these questions, is there a
list for this product?

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