Re: Difficulty with PDF Document

Andrea Sherry

Well thanks for that. But now I am in the age care place I don't have funds for things like MS Office ans such.
Thanks anyway.
It's a real pity about Docuscan. It did such a good job.

On 18/01/2020 10:26 am, Abbie Taylor wrote:
Shaun, DocuScan Plus was worth it while it lasted. I still use it, and it works well with NVDA. Unfortunately, as I understand it, Serotek will no longer update or support this program and System Access at the end of 2020. Richard can correct me if I'm wrong, and I hope I am.

Andrea, if you're trying to open a pdf document, you can do this in Word 2013 and up. Simply use Word's open dialog to find the file, and press Enter on it like you would any other document. Word will convert the pdf to a docx file. NVDA reads most files pretty well this way. I hope this helps.
Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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