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Bruno Aníbal Prieto González

Thanks, that worked, although it doesn't work for WSL, only for the
official Windows, CMD and Powershell terminals. WSL counts it as if it
was a command sent directly to the terminal, not to NVDA.

2020-01-08 21:59 GMT-03:00, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...>:

control+up and control+down arrow scroll the screen visually. You can use
NVDA's review cursor to move around the text on screen. If you press
NVDA+6 and turn off "Caret moves review cursor" then the review cursor
won't get dropped back to the text caret if you do use control+arrows to
change what is visible on screen.



On Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 7:29 AM Bruno Aníbal Prieto González <
brunoscuola@...> wrote:

Wishing you a merry Christmas, I am writing to raise some concerns
about the new terminal features in NVDA 2019.3.

Specifically, with CTRL + up or down arrows it says that you can move
the console window up or down to be able to read what is before or
after. However, using the WSL you only get a sound that indicates that
you pressed the wrong key, and in Powershell or CMD although it starts
reading what is before, it is not possible to navigate to it using the
review cursor modes.
It is also indicated that with CTRL + start or end you can go to the
start or end of the console output. But these commands, at least in
Powershell and CMD are reserved to delete the text written before and
after the cursor. Anyway, they don't work on WSL either.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell about their experiences
with this topic or if something else is known.

Thank you very much in advance

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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