Re: can not switch between two different languages when I use licensed Vocalizer Expressive with NVDA 2019.3BETA2

Rui Fontes


1 - Have you checked to switch languages in the NVDA Settings, Speech?

2 - You are trying to switch among synths or among voices of Vocalizer Expressive?

3 - If switching among Vocalizer Expressive voices, have you selected the voices for each language?

If you want, contact me in private...

Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 11:14 de 19/01/2020, Moty Azrad escreveu:

Dear friends,


I use now NVDA 2019.3beta2.

I have liecensed Vocalizer expressive and use two languages, that I need to separate, switch between them.

English and Hebrew.

I can not do it when I go to vocalizer expressive submenu, open it and select:

Automatic switching language settings.


Open it, and cehc the check box that says:

Detect autonmatic,Etc.

Tab to ok and press enter.

Nvda sometimes crashes and sometimes give me only one synthesizer.

I need the two synthesizers and to switch between them.

I use vocalizer driver 3.1.



Please try to help me to solve that trouble.





Moti Azrad 

Musician and Piano-Tuner         











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