Re: Hide quoted messages?


I have been trying to figure out how attempts to hide quoted material in the web interface, because some do have all or some part of bottom quoted material hidden by a blue bar with an ellipsis in it (very much like the notation used by Gmail).   It appears that it is built to trigger the hiding on the line often used at the start of quoted messages that reads, "On <insert date here> <author name> wrote:" or "Original Message."  When one of these two things preface the quoted message it does a really good job of hiding the entire message.  If it finds, "From" without either of the previous lines it seems to hide the header block of "From" through "Subject" only but displays the quoted message body.

My guess based on analyzing what gets hidden currently versus what doesn't is that a "least aggressive hiding" approach is being used for bottom-quoted material when a couple of trigger phrases are not seen that typically get generated by e-mail programs/interfaces themselves.  Perhaps a "most aggressive hiding" strategy where anything that would occur subsequent to, "On <date> <author> wrote:," "Original Message," or "From" [when it's encountered the second time in a message] might achieve full hiding of all quoted material.  (Talk about programming minutiae!!  It is, however, on topic).


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