Re: Requesting NVDA to add a function to automatically speak pasted text


Thank you for pointing that up.
Having that as a toggle like:
pressing NVDA key plus some number or a letter key, to turn it ON and
Off, because I see it could be an annoyance if not needed.
It would be a one good edition and time savor, if it makes it through.

On 1/21/20, William Wong <> wrote:
Hi all,

I hope NVDA or NVDA addon can add a function to automatically speak
pasted text.

I do a lot of typing word, including copying and pasting of text,
sometimes involve pasting words repeatedly.

I now, after pasting with ctrl v, I have to press ctrl left arrow or up
and down arrow to read the pasted content.

As I do a lot of these steps repeatedly, I want a function to save time.

I have also posted a request on Github, but someone closed my issue
saying that NVDA has the function to press ctrl c to speak clipboard text.

Pressing extra keys like ctrl c is not what I needed for my work.

I am unhappy my issue was closed by someone without responding to what I
have suggested.

I don't mind you say that the function is not needed by every body, and
is not going to implement it.

Here I would like to bring this to your attention.

Please do comment on my issue. Am I doing something wrong?



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