Re: Is alt + p a nvda or a Windows command?

Luke Davis


It is probably an application specific command.
NVDA would only have a command like that if it had been defined in some add-on.
Windows would only have a command like that if it was defined on a menubar, a ribbon, or as a temporary shortcut. Even in these latter cases, it is really an application specific command.

However, since you didn't tell us what software you were using at the time, it is very hard to say exactly what this key was supposed to do, or why it might have behaved unexpectedly.

How were you listening to the demo?
What is the software you were in?
Is it the same as the software used in the demo?


On Tue, 21 Jan 2020, Martin McCormick wrote:

I was listening to a demo of some software when someone
needed to upload a file from their computer to an attached radio
and they used alt + p. This gives you two alternatives, r and w
which is easy enough to follow so far except that I get that
unceremonious dumpout you get when you hit the wrong button and
the effect is the same as typing Escape. You just go back to
whatever was going on before typing alt + p.

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