Re: Is alt + p a nvda or a Windows command?


You may use it in this or that program.  But it is a program command.  Screen-readers wouldn't use such commands because they are too likely to interfere with program commands.  Alt and a letter or number while working with menus, is the standard way of executing a menu short cut.  That's another reason screen-readers wouldn't use it, that interface is already reserved and it would cause confusion. 
I am going into all this because I don't know if you have received the kind of training that made such things clear and it also may clarify things for others. 

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Thank you.  That helps a lot. 
I got out of the software I was running and simply opened
a new window and alt + p did nothing at all except that nvda
echoed the key strokes.

nvda and Windows10 both have a rich set of keyboard
commands and I could have sworn that alt + p looked familiar.


"JM Casey" <jmcasey@...> writes:
> It's definitely not an NVDA command. Any keystroke like that would be for

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