Re: windows 10 disk clean up

Chikodinaka mr. Oguledo

say crotonna open disk cleanup or go 2controle pannal serch for disk
clean up or call disability answerdisk answer desk from Microsoft
accessibility answer desk google them good luck in
cleaning up your system

On 1/21/20, Betsy Grenevitch <blindangel61@...> wrote:
Wow! Gene, I need you as a computer teacher. I did not even ask the
question because I totally forgot about disk clean up.

You wrote the steps in the way I learn and write down steps. It is hard
to find someone to do it that specific here where I live.

I have copied these steps and will be trying to do this tonight before
going to bed.

Thanks so much again.

On 1/21/2020 10:10 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

press the windows key and when the search box comes up type in disk it
will come up with a result called disk cleanup/ Press the enter key on
it. It will then come to another screen there you can pick your drive
to do it to it is a combo box it will usually default to c: drive. You
can use the down arrow key to go to another if you want to. What ever
one you pick say c: drive you will then need to tab to ok button then
press the enter key. It will then calculate how much can be cleaned up.

It will give you a list of areas it can clean up and say those areas.
There is a check box next to each one. You can arrow down the list and
use the space bar to check the box.

Down towards the bottom of the list you will then need to tab as the
down arrow key will not take you any further.. If you tab once it will
land on a system files button I think it was called. Press the enter
key and repeate the process like before except this for will be for
system files. Then at the bottom of the list you have selected all the
ones you want removed you will then need to tab to the ok button then
press the enter key.

It will then give you a message just say yes to it and then it will
clean it up all for you.

Hope it helps.

Do not worry it will not remove any files only the ones you picked not

Gene nz

On 22/01/2020 3:35 pm, anthony borg wrote:
Hi folks,

Does anyone can explain to me how to use the windows 10 disk clean up
Thanks in advance


Betsy Grenevitch

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