Re: Writing accents on a laptop

Ben J. Bloomgren


Which language(s) are you attempting to write? I'm not a big fan of those alt codes, as who wants to remember that alt+0233 is an é? I've been known to install hundreds of keyboard layouts onto my computers. I've learned to streamline this nowadays, and I'm under ten. Seriously, I would look at using your language's specific keyboard layout or layouts. Some languages have more than one. French and Spanish have at least two of which I know. The control panel is your friend.


On 8/1/2016 1:57, Maria S wrote:
Hi guys. My laptop uses the function key to use the numpad and I can't enter alt codes with Nvda to write accented letters quickly while typing. Other than switching to a different system keyboard, I wondered if there were other alternatives with NVDA or add-ons.

Thanks, Maria

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