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Jacob Kruger

Probably not totally relevant, but, the golden cursor add-on allows you to assign a label to a mouse position, but, suppose unless mouse cursor was tracking your navigation that wouldn't help?

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On 2020-01-23 12:03 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Jarek,

I'm not familiar with the program, but if NVDA is working everywhere except for announcing these two buttons, it sounds like the developers of Total Commander has simply forgotten to label them.  The easiest solution is to contact the developer of Total Commander and let them know and request they please label those two buttons.

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On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 10:20 PM Jarek.Krcmar <Jarek.Krcmar@...> wrote:
Hello all,

After starting Total Commander I select the mass re-naming in Total
Commander, Nvda is mute by two buttons.

I would like to know, what can I do for Nvda should be speaking.

Nvda speaks everywhere, but by a two buttons it is mute.


Quentin Christensen
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