Re: Tutorial: Disable UI Automation in the Chromium Edge.


some people mentioned crashing when using nvda with new edge based on chromium.
is it true?
i really wish to become familiar with new edge, and want to ask some questions.
does it support MultiProcess forever?
is there a setting to turn the Multiprocess off?
also, does it have all the settings and options that chrome and chromium have?
does it support flash?
can we uncheck automatic update or not?
i really wish if someone knows answers for my questions, post the answers hear.
God bless you and His especial mercy i pray for you!

On 1/15/20, Robert Kingett <> wrote:
Joseph posted this previously, but I am busy [giving fiction to my patreon
supporters]( so can't pull up his link
right now.

NVDA 2019.2 won't work with Edge without turning off UIA. The more tech
savvy people on this list can tell you if NVDA 2019.3 will work with it on
or not. For now, I've turned my UIA in Edge back on. Below though, is steps
on how to turn it off.

In the address bar, type,


Tab to search experimentation's.


UI Automation.

Hit tab until you get to a combo box.

enable it or disable it.

Happy Browsing! In the meantime, I'm creating disability fiction. [Pledge to
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