Re: Reader mode in Chrome?

JM Casey

A single keystroke invocation is pretty nice. With firefox, I just press the f9 key and the page reloads in reader mode. It is a useful feature, up to a point.




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I use one in the Brave  Browser called Reader View which is presumably identical in Chrome as they use the same engine.

When a page loads in which you want to invoke the reader view bring up the context menu and Reader View options will probably be there.

It may be that the context menu includes an option to show in Reader View or alternatively open link in Reader View – options seem to vary depending on the actual page and where you are focussed when the page opens. Anyway you get used to things working in certain ways on certain sites. I have learnt on some sites for example simply pressing application followed  by S will invoke the Show in Reader View command, but this does not always work.


I contacted the developers to request for a designated Reader View keystroke shortcut but they did not respond. They probably did not really understand the issue for those of us using screenreaders.


David Griffith



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There are plugins that provide reader mode.  I don't know which ones may be accessible. 



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what is the last version of chrome which supports reader mode?

On 1/17/20, Geoff Connor <gjconnor@...> wrote:
> Unfortunately, as far as I know, Chrome removed that feature. I'm
> disappointed about that. It really worked well. I hope they eventually put
> it back.

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