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It may not be a good idea to save things in Reader Mode even if you can.  Reader Mode does a good job of presenting something like an article while stripping out extraneous material but, unless you have read the text you will be saving first, you don't definitely know that it has done everything correctly.  If you haven't read everything first and want to take a chance, then you may want to save the material.  It probably will be alright but I don't trust such processes, unsupervised, to always produce the results I want and I don't want to save material processed in that way without having read it first.
I tested saving a page as Web Page, HTML only.  I didn't test other options; This was with an old version of Firefox.  The page didn't save properly.  I don't know what would have happened with other options. 
Regardless of what you can or can't save in Reader View, I would think you could save text in reader view by selecting all, control a, copy to the clipboard, paste it into Notepad, and saving it.  I didn't test that.

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Not sure. If you got the older version of it that works with xp.  I really would not know if you can do this with an over version of firefox. If you can great.


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how about firefox?

i wish to save my pages as html only in reader mode.


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> Try just read or mercury reader.  Just reader when you right click on page

> and save as it allows single html which is read by nvda.





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