Re: Too Much Serendipity. I'm Obviously Missing Something.


I haven't used the program and I can't tell how much of your problem is not knowing certain things about object navigation, the program itself, or both.
I don't know if you already know all this but I'd rather cover things you know than not discuss something that might be helpful.
Numpad insert numpad slash is the move mouse command to the current position of the navigator.  Hold numpad insert and press numpad slash.  Slash by itself is left mouse click.  If you are using numpad insert numpad slash to move the mouse, then clicking and doing something, are you then moving somewhere else, moving the mouse after you move and clicking the mouse?  If you aren't moving the mouse, you may be clicking on where you were before and you may be clicking something unintended.  the position of the mouse might be the same, but the program may be showing something else under the mouse because of actions you have taken. 
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Sent: Friday, January 24, 2020 4:46 PM
Subject: [nvda] Too Much Serendipity. I'm Obviously Missing Something.

I am using software in which most or all the regular
Windows keyboard shortcuts don't work so you have to use the
object navigator.  It's nvda + numpad / followed by numpad /
which is a left-click and you're at the top of a Tree View.
Arrow down and there's the tree name which you open and there
are, in this case, eleven items that one visits as needed to
throw virtual switches or enter data.

When things work, one double-left-clicks on a heading
such as General Settings and it opens to reveal several
configurable parameters so one does one's thing in there and then
presses the left-click to be outside of the heading, ready to go
to another heading or folder to open it and do things.

When it is cyber fun house day, the system is totally
dyslexic.  I can check the navigator with nvda + nunpad-5 and the
caret with nvda + Tab and they show the same field I am sitting
on with the arrows so I double-left-click and poof! I am at some
other randomly-selected part of the tree.

It's actually not totally random but it bears no
relationship to what I was trying to do.  It is heavily
influenced by where I've been while the app was running.

The software is a perfect training tool to learn nvda
because of the missing Windows keyboard shortcuts.  The first
time I ran it, nothing worked and that's when somebody told me
about the object navigator and it is a wonderful thing but there
must be something I should test for and manually correct.  It's
not losing focus so much as it just seems to take off to where
the spirit moves it. 

I haven't figured out the difference between the
occasional productive session and total chaos which is the rule
rather than the exception.

I am going to put a link to where to get this software
but I think the problem is I am still learning nvda and this
software is so lacking in indoor plumbing and electricity as a
figure of speech that I don't know all the tricks yet and there
is no other alternative but to use this particular software.

If the problem I describe sounds familiar, it is probably
common to deficient software and playing with this particular
software is not necessary.

This is not a particularly dangerous zip file but unpack it
somewhere you feel comfortable with it.

It will produce two directories, one with firmware in
it's name and the other with program in it's name.
We're interested in  the program directory.
You can run the setup and it will install gd-77S which
is the program.

It configures a brand of two-way radio of the same name
as the program

But the radio doesn't need to be present to run the
program.  It builds a configuration file that one feeds in to a
radio as a last step.

I have been able to use most of the program but it would
be nice to be able to dependably go
where one intended to go rather than pinball around getting
nothing done.

Thanks for any and all constructive ideas especially any
links to documentation for nvda which I say again, is a wonderful
tool which those of us who use it are thankful for.

Martin McCormick

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