Re: Too Much Serendipity. I'm Obviously Missing Something.

Martin McCormick

I will interlieve my answers with your message.
"Gene" <gsasner@...> writes:
I haven't used the program and I can't tell how much of your problem is
not knowing certain things about object navigation, the program itself,
or both.
I suspect it is both. The program is flaky under nvda
and positively bonkers under narrator. It actually opens better
at first under narrator as narrator appears to know how to open
the tree but then you start seeing stuff that shouldn't appear.

I don't know if you already know all this but I'd rather cover things you
know than not discuss something that might be helpful.
Numpad insert numpad slash is the move mouse command to the current
position of the navigator. Hold numpad insert and press numpad slash.
Slash by itself is left mouse click. If you are using numpad insert
numpad slash to move the mouse, then clicking and doing something, are
you then moving somewhere else, moving the mouse after you move and
clicking the mouse? If you aren't moving the mouse, you may be clicking
on where you were before and you may be clicking something unintended.
the position of the mouse might be the same, but the program may be
showing something else under the mouse because of actions you have taken.
Extremely possible in fact, my gut feeling is that focus
only appears to be okay but isn't part of the time.

Here is an example and I don't know what this means yet
but the trouble starts after here. Up to here, things work and
the program prints a message

Digital Contact Tree View item focus selected expanded 2
of 2 Level 2

That's good and normal. When I Down-arrow from there, the next
link looks normal and says:

Level 3 Stillwater 1 of 2

If you use the navigator device of nvda +numpad-5 to see what
focus points to, you get

Stillwater Local Tree View item focus selected invisible
off-screen 1 of 2 level 3

I believe that off screen part of the message tells us a
lot but am not sure what.

There is another heading called General Settings and a
double-click there sends you several lines down to a totally
unrelated heading. This time, I arrowed up to General Settings
and did a nvda + numpad-/ so as to move the mouse there.

I then double-left-clicked the mouse and wonder of
wonders, I was in General settings and could move around and
change stuff to my heart's content.

I then hit numpad / and got back to General Settings so,
for fun, I double-left clicked again which should have put me
back in General Settings. It just sat there and a Tab press put
me back in.

I hear insanity is doing the same thing but expecting
different results but doing the same thing and getting different
results is also a bit wacko. Also, I arrowed down about 5 lines
and then hit Tab and I was back inside General Settings. The
focus didn't move because I could type a single left-click and
was back on the General Settings heading once again.

Does all that help any?

This behavior is the norm when running this software and
it is enough to drive one crazy.

Anyway, it is what it is but I wish I could reset when leaving
one of the main headings so each new double-click takes you where
common sense says you should be.

I have been using Windows10 and nvda since last Summer
and never seen behavior like this. Everything else I've done in
Windows was fairly predictable and one gets the feeling of being
in control.



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