Re: Too Much Serendipity. I'm Obviously Missing Something.

Martin McCormick

First, thank you. I will try your suggestion.

After a night's sleep, I have figured out some of the
madness and it's definitely not right but somewhat manageable once
you know what it is.

I open a new window and start the program. I then load
the work file I am building and then virtually move the mouse to
the tree top. Next, it's expand the tree and visit one of the
eleven major headings, expanding as needed or just clicking with a
double-left-click for those that have only one level.

If you type the Tab key, you always start off by getting that strum
sound which means nothing is going to happen.

If you haven't visited any of the major headings and gone
in yet, your first attempt to open one usually works with the
double-left-click opening the item. The Tab key starts working
and you can do your work then a Single left-click puts you back
out on the street, so to speak.

Here's what I discovered however. After one visits that
first field in whatever area one chose, you can not apparently
visit other major headings. The double-left-clicks stop opening
things or they are the wrong things or you end up randomly
somewhere else depending on how confused things are.

The Tab key now either reopens somewhere you've been or
the point of reference is lost and you just find yourself at a
heading that isn't needed right now.

I haven't figured out how to clear everything without
exiting the program and reloading. something is remembering just
enough stuff to be wrong after the first object visit. That Tab
key will continue to not strum but launch you in to the walls
every time you press it until you shut the program down.

Note to Tesla. Don't use this logic in your AI efforts.

I did try NVDA+enter. It said "Activate" and nothing else new
happened but this is definitely an issue of wrong focus or
remembering irrelevant information.

As I say, I have never used a piece of software that is
so broken.

If it turns out there is a strategy to make it normal,
it's not intuitive by any means.

The only thing good I can say is that if you can access
the different major headers, the program behaves but it is like
pulling teeth to get it to just do what it should.

"John Isige" <gwynn@...> writes:

If you really just double-clicked again, i.e. hit numpad slash twice
quickly, that might be your problem. I'd just defensively use routing.
It seems to work, and that way you're sure that you are where you think
you are. BTW, this may or may not work, but if you're using the object
cursor, NVDA-enter activates the object the cursor's on. That might let
you get to some things quicker than hitting NVDA-numpad slash and numpad
slash every time.

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