Managing your group subscription and e-mailing options #adminnotice


Hello All,


What follows is an informational message about how to manage your subscription and, more importantly, e-mail options under  The general principle applies across groups, but you would have to use the appropriate mailing address for the specific group you wish to change.  The examples are for the NVDA Group


         Just like you subscribed yourself, should you wish to unsubscribe you can, and should, unsubscribe yourself.  Sending an e-mail message to will unsubscribe you.  You will also receive one final message that you have been unsubscribed.  If you do not receive your unsubscribe confirmation, then please send a message to the group owner address and we will research why it is failing.  It very seldom does.


          You also have the option of remaining subscribed, but putting yourself on "no mail" status.  Should you wish to do that instead, send a message to   You can pick up with mailing again at any time by sending a message to the one of the group email management addresses: 

To receive individual messages instead of digests or a summary 

To receive full featured digests instead of individual messages 

To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages 

To receive plain digests instead of individual messages 

To receive special notices only


You can also use any one of the above noted e-mail management addresses to change how you receive information from the group at any time and switch what you receive whenever you wish.

Brian Vogel

NVDA Group Moderator



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