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Sarah k Alawami

OOOOO nice. Will that cloud thing also use keybase? I doubt it as keybase is incrypted.

Take care

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On 25 Jan 2020, at 12:39, David Griffith wrote:

I am afraid I do not understand the previous post at all. iTunes is still very much alive and available Windows if not the Mac.
You can download iTunes from Apple from
Once installed you can still sync your iTunes Music library with your iPhone via your lightning connector.

Having said that there are many more solutions to getting Music on your phone. These range from of course Apple Music, iTunes Match which I still use, and increasingly there are many other Cloud based solutions.
My personal favourite is to use CloudBeats CloudBeats to access Music on my DropBox an One Drive cloud storage.
For basic Music playing Open Drive is also an option with a simple iOS Music Player which will play all songs stored sequentially in a folder. It does little else but this may be all that you need.

If you provide more details as to what you want to do I can advise more.
David Griffith.

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So, are you telling me there is no way to add your own music to your phone? Thanks.

On 1/25/2020 11:38 AM, Chikodinaka mr. Oguledo wrote: is no more no more itoons sorry

On 1/25/20, Brice Mijares bricemijares@... wrote:

Does a itunes tutorial using NVDA exist? If so, I'd appreciate a copy.
thank you.

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