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David Griffith

There are 3 options realistically I think.
The first involves installing the increasingly clunky Windows 7 legacy version of Audible Manager /Downloader. Actually I had to get Audible support to do this for me last year remotely as it was so problematic. It took even then about an hour to do and involved them patching in a separate downloader from the USA to make my installation work.
They agreed to do this when I explained I was blind and used the Victor reader Trek. Having done this though the system works, if clunkily fine with NVDA to download and transfer your books. can download a third party Audible manager program like Open Audible. The problem here is that for some strange reason the Open Audible setup has a setup sequence inaccessible to screenreaders. However it has been reported that after install it is completely accessible to NVDA and it downloads your purchased Audible Content successfully, though does not chapterise it.
3. Whilst I am unaware of any NVDA addons for the Windows 10 Audible app there are scripts available for Jaws if you are a Jaws user.
Doug Lees |Jaws Scripts

David Griffith


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As far as I can remember, you can only transfer a book to the victor stream by downloading the audible download and audible manager.I was the person who asked if NVDA HAD an add on for using the audible app as this not accessible with NVDA.


On 25/01/2020 18:13, John Isige wrote:
Anybody have any tips? Since somebody asked about an addon, I was
wondering how usable it was. The Windows 10 app seems pretty useless.
I'm thinking of getting a Victor Stream so I'll need to know how to
register it and transfer books and all. It doesn't look like I can do
it with the Windows 10 app, unless there are tips on making it work I
don't know about. Do you just use the older program rather than the
Windows 10 store version? Some stuff does work in the Windows 10
version, I was able to get signed in, but there are lots of lists that
don't read and unlabelled buttons. So I mean, even if I just wanted to
listen to a book I already own on the PC, I have no idea how to do that.

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