Re: is anyone working on making superantispyware accessable?

George McCoy

I use it every day.  It's a bit quirky, for sure, but you can use it with NVDA's object navigation keys and the tab and shift tab keys.

Here's the secret.

When you first open the program, NVDA doesn't quite focus on it.

Open the program, then alt tab to something else and alt tab back to SuperAntiSpyware.  If you do that, you can move through the controls with the object navigation keys.

When you find the check for updates link, you have to route the mouse to it and left click.

When the update check finishes, shift tab to the ok button and press spacebar or enter to click it.

At that point, the tab and shift tab keys magically come to life.

It's not the easiest program in the world to use, but it is usable, if and only if you open it, move to another window and move back.  If you don't do that, nothing works.

If you want to keep working with it, let me know and I'll give you details on where everything is located.


On 1/25/2020 2:37 PM, brian wrote:
This program is completely inaccessable.  I can't update it or scan or remove items found.  If I either tab or use arrow keys it says nothing.  This program is very good for removing tracking cookies but we can't use it.  My friend tried it with jaws and narator and got the same results as I did with nvda.  I am using 2019.3 bada 2 windows 1909 I know that this program has been a big problem with accessability for years now.

Brian Sackrider

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