Re: Reader mode in Chrome?


i did not understand how can i save web page in html only when using
reader mode.
i selected
Save Page As… Ctrl+S
as its shortcut ControlS, both method dont work and have the same
effect, just a blank page!

On 1/26/20, ADRIAN POCOCK <> wrote:
In reader mode in firefox if you try to save the page it will turn out to be

Instead try being on the page of interest, hit file menu and save page as
and choose second option as the file format. This when loaded will retain
all usable parts of the webpage.

On 24/01/2020 02:07, zahra wrote:

how about firefox?
i wish to save my pages as html only in reader mode.

On 1/24/20, ADRIAN POCOCK <><>

Try just read or mercury reader. Just reader when you right click on page
and save as it allows single html which is read by nvda.

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