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I agree: "at least some" file recovery using "non-damaging" live-boot data recovery software onto removable media is the safest option in OPs case, and third-party backups onto dedicated removable media is always the best option in the long-term. And after recovering most of the 60GB of radio programming data, a "damaging" method such as system restore might help resolve/recreate the user path.

My reference post regarding VSS was to clarify Gene's proposal for same-hard-drive recovery, which might have uses between full backups or if no removable media is available. As a standard feature, it seems that VSS is used primarily for server-style or networked windows systems, which i am very unfamiliar with, but these systems typically cannot be taken offline for weekly backups, they typically contain redundant hard drives in order to prevent complete loss due to hardware failure, and they often have dedicated and experienced caretakers who can transfer the shadow copies to removable media, as needed. It doesn't seem well-implemented for home users.

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020, 5:39 PM Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
To be clear, I am not proposing using volume shadow copies.

One should be taking full system image backups using the third-party tool of one's choosing, which is what Microsoft recommends, as well as parallel separate user data backups, which can be using that same third-party tool or Microsoft's own File History if running Windows 8.1 or 10.

System Protection (of which System Restore is a part) has never been intended as a full-recovery utility (which would include user data) and is notoriously flaky.  It's focus is allowing the system to be rolled back in the event that, for instance, a bad new driver were installed that breaks something.  It rolls back the state of the system registry and certain underlying support folders in the Windows hierarchy.  It, as Jackie has already noted, has never, ever been involved in user data backup or recovery. 

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