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I want to clarify and explain a few points.  This will probably be my last message in the thread because I've probably said all I have to say on the subject.
First, when you talk about System restore, are you talking about running a restore point or using previous versions?  I'm not advocating using previous versions first if you want to try to get back some files that are there and some that aren't.  In that case, you should use a file recovery program and then use Previous versions if the file recovery program doesn't recover some files that Previous versions has.  But considering how lax so many people are at backing things up, it is important that they know about it. 
Shadow copy can be valuable aside from restoring files. Let's say someone backs up files by making disk images.  You can't look at individual files in a disk image.  If the person wants to look at a previous version of something such as a document, but she has saved newer copies and no longer has the older version  in her current files, the person can look at it using previous versions.  You can open the file from current versions without restoring it.  So you can easily compare the two versions.  You can have both opened if you wish. 
Shadow copy shouldn't be used as a way to avoid backing things up.  it isn't a backup.  But it is one more feature that may be useful and that people should know about, though most people don't.

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This is definitely a ymmv situation. I've attempted to use system restore to recover files before, as you keep advising, and not only did it not work, it wrote over the data so i was unable to use any other non-hardware-based recovery option - the box was not checked by default on that PC. If you know shadow copies exist, then they might work for you, but if there is any uncertainty, do not attempt system restore or any method that requires downloads or hard drive writes until backup is complete. That is my personal experience.

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Shadow copy isn't a backup, but it is a part of system restore and it does allow recovery of deleted files or access to earlier versions, if desired.  I can use Shadow Copy to open a file that is an earlier version without restoring it.  it can be opened directly from where it is in Shadow Copy. 
I am not advocating using it instead of a backup.  But it is a very useful feature.  I once deleted something the day after I recorded it because I didn't think I needed it any longer.  I found that I had been wrong and I was able to recover it with Shadow Copy because, fortunately, System Restore had made a restore point while it was on the disk.  I hadn't backed it up because I erroneously thought I had already edited it and saved and backed up the edited version.
Also, there may be times when you want to open an earlier version of something without restoring it from a backup. You may want to compare versions.
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To be clear, I am not proposing using volume shadow copies.

One should be taking full system image backups using the third-party tool of one's choosing, which is what Microsoft recommends, as well as parallel separate user data backups, which can be using that same third-party tool or Microsoft's own File History if running Windows 8.1 or 10.

System Protection (of which System Restore is a part) has never been intended as a full-recovery utility (which would include user data) and is notoriously flaky.  It's focus is allowing the system to be rolled back in the event that, for instance, a bad new driver were installed that breaks something.  It rolls back the state of the system registry and certain underlying support folders in the Windows hierarchy.  It, as Jackie has already noted, has never, ever been involved in user data backup or recovery. 

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