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David Goldfield

For Google Chrome and Chromium based browsers I use Rumola for solving captcha challenges. Signing up with a Rumola account is not the most intuitive process but it's well worth it. The service provides five free solves but the pricing for additional solves is very reasonable, something like $.99 for fifty and $1.99 for 100.

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On 1/26/2020 6:28 AM, Gene wrote:

The only one is for older versions of Firefox.  You can download it and see instructions for installing it on this page:
As far as Firefox goes, if you use an old version of Firefox portable, you can continue to use your current version of Firefox for general browsing and use Firefox portable for sites you want to solve captchas with.  I know the last version you can use with Webvisum is Firefox 52ESR.  You can download the portable version here:,%20Portable%20Edition%20Legacy%20%2052&s=s&p=&d=pa&f=FirefoxPortableLegacy52_52.9.0_English.paf.exe
Run the installer.  It is a portable version so it won't put anything on your machine but the program.  Open the folder where the program is, and find the exe file.  Press enter and the program will run.  Make a shortcut on the desktop and assign a shortcut key for convenient running.
Probably just typing f once in the folder will take you to the exe file.
Before you use Webvisum, you will have to set up an account on the Webvisum site:
At some point, you will have to ask on list for an invitation.  The site isn't monitored by the developer any longer and you can't get an invitation there.

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I need a n v d a. addon for captcha

On 1/26/20, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> CAPTCHA Be Gone is no longer available.  Webvisum works with old versions of
> Firefox, if you want to try it.  I can provide more information if you are
> interested.  I don't know if it will work with the captchas you want to
> solve.  And the name is c a p t c h a, not capture.
> Gene
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> captcha begone nvdaNVDA. style or a addOn my viewpoint Please tell
> NVDA addon maniger josofe leee
> On 1/26/20, Stephen <whocrazy@...> wrote:
>> I've encountered something like this on the steam platform.  It's
>> horrible.
>> At 04:32 PM 1/26/2020, you wrote:
>>>Something that is NVDA friendly and will read those pesky things
>>>which you are expected to enter as a response on a webpage to prove
>>>you are a genuine person and not some form of robot.
>>>There was once something called Rumola or some such.
>>>One of the major probs is that the capture graphic or whatever it is
>>>only inhabits the screen for a short time.
>>>Any ideas?

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