I'm having problems when i use nvda together with nativeaccess.

David Ingram

The problems that i'm having when using nvda together with nativeaccess are the following: 1. I'm unable to get any response when I use the keystroke b. Second, when I use the tab key nothing happens. Third when I use the insert+r command inorder to do a scan I don't get anything after the scan command. I'm using the latest version of windows 10 The newer version of nvda has not been released yet. Not to mention, that i'm unable to find the update all button when using nvda together with nativeaccess. I've also tried to activate the different buttons using the insert+2 on the numpad but nothing happens. Also I thaught that if I use insert+enter on the numpad that would activate the buttons but nothing happens. Is there something else that I could be missing in terms of these commands. I can be reached at dingram269@earthlink.net. I've also downloaded the remote access tool for nvda just in case someone wanted to remote into my computer to take a look at how nvda works together with nativeaccess. I'm trying to see if nvaccess.org would be able to assist in helping to correctany problems that i'm having when I use nvda together with nativeaccess. Thank you for any information that you might have as to how I can solve these problems.

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