Re: Web Capture

Martin McCormick

I just compleeted signing up on a web site that uses
Google Re-CAPTCHA or some similar name. I used nvda on the
latest google chrome and had no trouble. There's a timer ticking
on that site as soon as you tell it You're not a robot so you
need to solve it in a couple of minutes or so or your "I am not a
robot." box un-checks itself and you have to start over.

The audio CAPTCHA is clear with headphones and will
replay as soon as you press the space bar.

I hate the darn things but they can be made usable.


"David Goldfield" <> writes:

For Google Chrome and Chromium based browsers I use Rumola
<> for solving captcha challenges. Signing up with a Rumola
account is not the most intuitive process but it's well worth it. The
service provides five free solves but the pricing for additional solves
is very reasonable, something like $.99 for fifty and $1.99 for 100.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
JAWS Certified, 2019<>

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