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Debbie April Yuille

Is this site only for the states?




From: <> On Behalf Of Robert Kingett
Sent: Sunday, 26 January 2020 10:13 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Using Open audible


No, I've never used Open Audible. but, a bit of a shameless plug, Libro.FM allows you to buy DRM free, downloadable audiobooks, and gives you the option to support your local independent bookstore if desired. The team listened very closely to my feedback with NVDA and on mobile apps. I did the best I could without having an Android device, but they just released an IOS update that addresses a ton of VoiceOver navigational quirks. I consulted using NVDA but the site should work with JAWS. They loved my feedback so much they said, explicitly, they will hire me again when they have the budget to pay me again and to do a big batch of accessibility work, which is certainly on the roadmap. Gotta say, they payed me on time, and payed me via direct deposit, which was nice. They really want to adopt a culture of accessibility, even if it takes time to do so. My affiliate link is below. If you don't want a membership, buy any audiobook without the membership and the affiliate link will still work.

Affiliate link for monthly membership.

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