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I don't know what accounts for the discrepancy.  I looked at the Switch home page and the description of the program says nothing about converting speech to text.  My program doesn't have such an option.  It is the free version. 
I did a Google search for something like Switch file Converter convert speech to text and I didn't find one mention in the first five or six results.

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The free version, as I recall, works as a full version at the outset.  You may have enough time before it becomes a more limited free version to do what you want, but don't put it off.  I don't know how long the free period lasts but it may be only about a week.  I'm using Switch as the more limited free version and no such option exists. 
You will know when you have been switched to the free version because every time you run it, you will have to press enter to answer a message indicating that you want to continue using the free version.
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Thanks all for your replies. I tried the free version and it has the functionality to convert to text too. Have a great day everyone!

On 1/27/2020 5:45 PM, David Griffith wrote:

Apologies and thanks for the update.

This facility was not in Switch when I bought it some years ago. Unfortunately my Switch activation no longer works on Windows 10 as they had a horrible habit of only allowing one install so I am clearly not up to date.

Thanks for correction.

David Griffith


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the Switch program from nch software does indeed produce text from a

sound input file.

Don't know if this is available in the unpaid version. However it

certainly exists in the paid for version.

The facility is offered when the initial sound file is opened. The

choice is made from the out options (i.e. various formats including

text) when a choice is made to use the microsoft software available on

the pc. I chose uk english. The conversion process took approx 2 minutes

from a 4 meg mp3 to create a 21k txt file.






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