Re: Liblouis and braille again


Hypothetically, this might be possible; technically, no - NVDA requires
compiled version of liblouis library to function. The latest version will
require using Visual Studio 2019 to build, something NVDA people are

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Subject: [nvda] Liblouis and braille again


I updated liblouis to the latest nightly build for the free send-to-braille
translator found at Http://

And I replaced its liblouis and tables with the latest nightly build I got
from a zip file on the liblouis website. The translation errors with many
words such as stouthearted disappeared and is now translated correctly, with
send2braille only. I would like to see a menu option in NVDA that will go
out and fetch and apply the latest liblouis translator and liblouis tables
and apply them to the currently running version of NVDA. This will fix
braille translation errors.


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