Re: NVDA Skype hot key not working

Sarah k Alawami

If you don't get an answer subscribe to the skype english list where you will get help from about 500 people on the list. Most of us use skype with nvda and jaws and mac os, iOs and android.

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On 27 Jan 2020, at 10:23, Luke Robinett wrote:

Hi folks,
First time asking a question here so feel free to direct me elsewhere if there’s a more appropriate venue for this topic. I did read the rules for what topics are permitted here and frankly the list of what not to post was lengthy and ambiguous so I’m a tad gun shy, but here goes. Lol.

According to the NVDA user guide, the Windows shortcut key for reviewing messages in a Skype conversation is NVDA+Control and a numeric key, based on how far back in the message history you want to review. I’m trying that here at work in Skype for Business and I don’t get anything. Has anyone had better luck getting this to work? I can still tab into the messages and use the arrow keys to review messages, so this isn’t a show stopper, but it would be nice to have a faster way of reviewing messages.

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