Re: I'm having problems when i use nvda together with nativeaccess.

David Ingram

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Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm having problems when i use nvda together with nativeaccess.

Hi David.  I have Native Access Currenly opened as I write this email. 
Assuming you are on a Desktop setup, Use NVDA or Numpad Insert+Numpad6
to navigate forward or Numpad Insert+Numpad4 to navigate backwards to
get to the object you want.  Press Numpad Insert+ numpad8 to open up the
object you desire to see the elements within that object.  All buttons
can then be manipulated using Numpad insert+Numpad Enter.  Texts can be
accessed with Numpad Insert+ Numpad 1 or 3, and characters wit Numpad 1
or 3 without the Insert key.  For those who want to be in the know,
native Access is a solution to install plugins and applications from
Native instruments which deals with computer Music software and the
rather accessible Komplete Kontrl Midi Controller. Cheers!

On 1/27/2020 8:21 PM, David Ingram wrote:

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Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm having problems when i use nvda together with nativeaccess.

i did not heard of this program until now.
is it accessible with screen readers?
if it be accessible, nvda and any other screen reader should support it.

On 1/27/20, David Ingram <> wrote:
The problems that i'm having when using nvda together with nativeaccess are
the following: 1. I'm unable to get any response when I use the keystroke
b. Second, when I use the tab key nothing happens. Third when I use the
insert+r command inorder to do a scan I don't get anything after the scan
command. I'm using the latest version of windows 10 The newer version of
nvda has not been released yet. Not to mention, that i'm unable to find the
update all button when using nvda together with nativeaccess. I've also
tried to activate the different buttons using the insert+2 on the numpad but
nothing happens. Also I thaught that if I use insert+enter on the numpad
that would activate the buttons but nothing happens. Is there something
else that I could be missing in terms of these commands. I can be reached
at I've also downloaded the remote access tool
for nvda just in case someone wanted to remote into my computer to take a
look at how nvda works together with nativeaccess. I'm trying to see if would be able to assist in helping to correctany problems that
i'm having when I use nvda together with nativeaccess. Thank you for any
information that you might have as to how I can solve these problems.

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Hi, how are you? If you play keyboards and are interested in recording your own music You can use nvda together with a program called reaper. I'm part of a growing listrwp which stands for reapers without peepers. Also you can go to create an account then you'll be able to download nativeaccess. This program nativeaccess allows you the ability to download free as well as paid instruments that you can use with reaper in order to create music. I hope that this helps.

Hi, Jaffar, how are you? thank you for one thing that you clarified. I'd like to ask if you have the nvda remote tool as well? The reason why I ask is because I want to confirm some of the problems that I've been having as it relates to using nvda together with nativeaccess. I'm not sure whether I did something right when it comes to using the scan command by using insert+r but the thing is after doing that command I don't hear any results. P.S. I also wanted to see if would not only support nvda used together with nativeaccess but I'd like for them to help correct any information and properly document the keystrokes used when using nvda together with nativeaccess. I want to thank you. P.S. there was also a problem when I tried to see if update all was visible but i'm not sure whether you found that button or did you?

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