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I've just seen this message. I'll be happy to test and let ou know if I have any NVDA-specific issues.

Can I post my findings privately, if the thread isn't appropriate for this list?

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On 28/01/2020 00:07, Jim Noseworthy wrote:


Thanks for your post.

Actually, my request is strictly NVDA related.  I am the JAWS support person for the Online Bible which works quite well but more & more folks are turning to NVDA for various reasons. So, if a seasoned NVDA user can confirm that NVDA does, or does not, work with the Online Bible, I would greatly appreciate it.

Since both NVDA and the Online Bible are free, it could be a perfect match if it worked since the Online Bible is very extensive in it’s capabilities.

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For those who wish to download the program to which Mr. Noseworthy refers, here's the direct download link: http://onlinebible.net/files/install_advance_5.50.00.00.exe

If any commentary not related to NVDA is needed, and it would probably be extensive if the program is either completely inaccessible or completely accessible, either of which can be reported here, or that one needs to use something like object navigation to access it, should occur on the Chat Subgroup.


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