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On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 06:36 AM, Mallard wrote:
Can I post my findings privately, if the thread isn't appropriate for this list?
Of course you could, or you could use the Chat Subgroup.

That being said, if the findings are about whether something is accessible or inaccessible using NVDA, or about the actual NVDA commands needed to access something in a given program or website (or whatever) then they're appropriate to the main group.

But if the discussion turns to all of the various commands related to a specific program, and not NVDA, then it's not.  The welcome message to new subscribers, and the monthly reminder message, explicitly states:  Before choosing where to post, please ask yourself the question, “Is what I’m about to ask directly related to controlling or using NVDA, or whether a specific program is accessible with NVDA?”  If that can be answered, “Yes,” then post to the NVDA Group, and if the answer is, “No,” then the topic belongs in the NVDA Chat Subgroup.

There is always leeway given for the intermingling of NVDA commands and program commands during a discussion, but I think it becomes very clear to most screen reader users, and very quickly, when it's the commands not for the screen reader, but a specific program, that are being discussed.   And it is important that any screen reader user be able to differentiate between operating system (generally Windows) commands, screen reader commands, and program commands.  Knowing what you're trying to control is often the very first step in deciding where to focus and for the ultimate solution to a problem.  It also helps you decide what venues are most appropriate for seeking the guidance you need, as questions tend to get the most traction where they're on-topic for the venue(s).

If someone says, "That might be better asked {insert suggested group, mailing list, etc. here}", they're trying to help you find your solution most quickly by directing you to subject matter experts on whatever "that" might be.


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